Mexican Food – A Colorful Rainbow of Flavors and Tastes

Thick Mexican cuisine

A wide variety of ingredients in Mexican cuisine makes colorful dishes that are not only appealing to the eye but also for the palate. the world's unique thick Mexican food, with & # 39; As a result of the merger of Hispanic culture with the Spanish, who brought traditional dishes spicy seasoning. For 490 years, this synthetic cuisine enriched by contributions from around the world, but mainly with a French influence after the foreign intervention in Mexico in the nineteenth century. This historical episode contributed to the inclusion of the currently popular popular cake Mexican recipes. Cakes – a variety of sandwiches or hamburgers, which are used in Mexico as an alternative fast food.

World cuisine

Mexican cuisine is considered as World Heritage, but the US is likely the country abroad, where Mexican food is the most popular. Geographical border with Mexico, and the general history of its border states brought to America the Mexican dishes that are served at home primarily in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. However, in the American cookbook, there are many Mexican recipes that are served in restaurants across the country, for example, the traditional Pozole from the Mexican states of Guadalajara and Michakan or delicious Carne Asada, a typical dish of the northern region of Mexico.

However, Mexican food is different main ingredients of original recipes and presentation. For example, tacos come in two flavors, soft and crispy tacos, both stuffed with any of the finished food. In fact in Mexican homes usually have food prepared with the remains, and even rolled tortillas after sprinkling with salt (tacos de Sales.) But that allow cakes to recognize authentic Mexican tacos.

Taco – basic Mexican food

In Mexico, tacos formed taxiing corn tortillas instead of pancakes with folded pain in half. Here are the typical ansadyly, although Mexican ensembles made from corn dough stuffed with cheese, chocolate and other food prepared in the form of rolled tortillas, but not made of cake.

The border between Mexico and the United States, flour tortillas are more popular than corn tortillas, so this is probably the reason that in this region make tacos, quesadillas and other recipes based on corn. Although some recipes of northern Mexico, such as burryta, sinkronizady gryngi and clearly prepared with flour tortillas.

Tacos, dysadyly and other food based on maize, including gordity, sniff, Houari, and tlakoyos halupas normally fed with fresh salsa prepared from a variety of ground or crushed chilli alone or in combination with red or green tomatoes. A popular side dish of tacos – the famous guacamole, a kind of dip with avocado, cilantro, onion and red tomatoes, all the ingredients are finely chopped and mixed, sometimes combined with diced serrano chiles.

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