Olhausen Pool Tables: A Family Story

Olhauzenskiya tables for pool & # 39; The journey began at a time when the brothers Olhavzen Booth and Don were only children. Growing up in New Mexico, the brothers grew up working in his father's shop, adjusting and closing the pool tables. So from an early age, they met with a billiard industry, and without knowing anything about them, it would be good for their future car & # 39; EASURES.

In 1969, Butch decided to move to California, and Don left behind. Don followed quickly enough. In 1972, the brothers together began to create their own small company, the purpose of which was moving and overlapping of billiard tables. Table for billiards Alhavzena have not been, so they supplied new pools for a small manufacturing company in San Diego. They hardly made a living in this business. In fact, they delivered $ 12 for shipping and installation of the new table, using your own car (Butch & # 39; s & # 39; 59 El Camino), as well as to pay for gas. Nothing there has not reviewed the company's growth, which later would receive the title of "Best in billiards."

Large pools Olhausen rupture took place in 1973, the owner of the San Diego company has offered to sell them the business for $ 1,000. It will take only a small percentage back into inventory. Brothers analyzed the situation and decided to all go. They took everything they had and went ahead to purchase the company. Not only that, they know that they make a decision that proved that change their lives.

At the time of purchase, the company produced about 35 tables each year. The aim of the first year was to double the production and sell 70 tables. The target is an urgent goal, no doubt, but one that they still reached. During the first two years, which are engaged in trade, it has sold more than 300 pools "Alhauzen". And rising curve over the years only continued to grow; Currently, about 30 000 of these tables are sold on the market every year. Of course, methods for their manufacture have progressed over the years, to speed up the process and improve the quality of their products.

Now on the market represented by more than a dozen different series Olhausen pools. There is a table corresponding to each budget, skill level and appearance. They even offer the ability to completely customize your table, if you want.

An important point that should be noted from the & # 39 is that Olhauzen still family. This means that the same critical standards are still running. Their commitment to quality, service, selection and value – part of the tradition, and they are keen to keep it that way and continue to move forward, making for Olhauzena pool tables every day better.

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