The Long Walk and Navajo Code Talkers

In 1942, the Allied forces in the Pacific led the US military have been set up and are ready to strike at the return of control over the south-ocean islands, which are now under Japanese control. There was one problem. Codes developed by the US Army, aimed at traffic due protection of troops, etc., have been violated by the Japanese. History books full of history of conversations with Navao code and how to use their ancient language with “gavarets code” stopped the Japanese and led to possible reclamation of those islands, which were under the control of the Empire of Japan in 1941, in fact, Major Howard Connor of 5 th marine division signal officer & # 39; Housing stated, “if not navahaytsy, Marines never took Yves Jim. If not for the decision by the US government for the restoration of the sovereignty of the nation Navao on their lands taken by the US in 1864, during World War II in the Pacific theater could be very different .
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Americans began to press on the ground and Navao Apaches after the United States defeated New Mexico in the Mexican-American War. In the 1850s, more and more land inhabited by the Mescalero Apache and Navajo for centuries, were taken to strengthen the US military and American settlers who moved west to earn his fortune. Problems intensified when the Navajo and Apache took up arms in order to keep control over their own traditions and culture.
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The cycle of raids and counter-raids began when in the latter part of this decade, a moderately pro-navahanski leader of the US Army and the Indian agent. April 30, 1860 with the Navajo peace treaty was signed, which was the chief of Manuelita, to cease hostilities. The dispute over a horse race February 15, 1861 led to the massacre of 30 indigenous people, violation of conditions of the Agreement.
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After the massacre the American military leaders began plans to remove the Navajo from their homeland in northeastern Arizona, western New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, and the resettlement of a 40-mile square piece of land called Bosque Redondo in a barren area of ​​northwestern New Mexico on the river Pecos. It was supposed to be an Indian Reserve west of the Indian territory of Oklahoma. Plans were to turn the Apache and Navajo farmers and “civilize” them by sending them to school and making them Christians.
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The head of the US Army Kit Carson started the war on the Navajo Nation in order to achieve the plan. He ordered American troops to go on Navajo property and destroy their fields, orchards, homes and pets. Those Navajo who survived these attacks, starving, and in January 1864 they surrendered at Canyon de Chelly. Carson promptly organized what became known as the long walk. Eight thousand five hundred men, women and children have been 300 miles in winter from their lands in Arizona and New Mexico to Redondo Bosco. Two hundred people died of cold and starvation on the walk. More died after reaching not only a prison camp, where were taken Mescalero Apache.
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Were constant battles between Apaches and Navajo who were natural enemies. Furthermore, brackish water led to intestinal problems and rampant disease. As soon as more navagoytsav died, escaped or killed each other, the United States finally deemed this attempt a failure and an agreement signed in 1868, which recognized the sovereignty of the Navajo and returned the land on the border of Arizona / New Mexico Navajo, who returned to rags. rebuild their homeland on rations and sheep, which they gave the United States.
They thrived and rebuilt their culture, preserving their religion, economy and language. If the Government of the United States managed to “kill the Indian, but not the man” on the reservation Bosque Redondo in 1860, there would be a prosperous nation Navajo 50,000 people, to offer 500 of its sons, brothers and parents in the service of the US military in 1942 , out of 500 people Navajo who served the United States military during world war II, from 375 to 420 years, it served as a communication with the code at any given time.
Without their service company in the Pacific Ocean on the restoration of the sovereignty of the islanders South Pacific from under the grips of the Japanese war machine would have a different outcome or, at least, even more expensive in terms of human life. These speakers Code deserve all the awards and medals, which they awarded. In addition, the Navajo Nation deserves the gratitude of our nation for something to honor the peace treaty of the 19th century to restore their culture and lifestyle.
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