Aero India


1. Retail villages are planned in the exhibition area and in the "Air" viewing area. For the convenience of dignitaries and dear visitors, the most attractive Indian crafts were sold in kiosks in retail villages. Talented craftsmen benefited because their fine products were sold by the thousands.

2. Bharat Electronics Limited has provided support for all communications and infrastructure for AERO INDIA 2005. Fax, Mobile Phones, Walkie-Talkie, Internet, Public Messaging System, Closed-Circuit TV, Audio-Visual Projection in Meeting Rooms, Registration Center, etc. Bharat Electronics Limited.

3. The first Aero India Golf Tournament was organized at the Karnataka Golf Association, Bangalore. CII is involved in organizing these unique features that have been used by all visitors around the world.

4. Peter Thompson has developed an 18-hole championship course. The club area is 30,000 square feet. The flood lighting range was the longest in India.

5. Sidewalk on the runway is prepared using a weight loss counter. It should also be noted that a glass mesh was used to add strength. A special feature of this was dense bituminous concrete using polymer modified bitumen to PCN 40.

6. The Media Center had 250 members. It was housed in an all-new 4,200-square-foot hanger.

7. Bangalore Indian Institute of Science has adopted Box Technology for Subway Performance to connect AFSY exhibition and interior areas. They finished the job in record time.

8. Among the 57 speakers, 33 were from abroad.

9. Very interesting and informative magazines that covered extensively aviation, space, and defense issues have attracted many worthy individuals. These colorful magazines were: Aviation Week Group (New York), Aerospace and Maritime International (published from Mumbai), Chanakya Aerospace and Maritime Review (New Delhi), World Defense (New Delhi), Indian Defense Review (New Delhi), Vayu Aerospace Review (New Delhi), India Aviation – Civil and Military (Mumbai), India Defense Book Book (New Delhi), International Aerospace Review – Analysis and Analysis (Mumbai), Intervester Publishing House ( Russia), Management Publications SP, Private Limited (New Delhi) and Sterling Book House (Mumbai). These bookstores and bookstores captivated visitors with information and critical analysis on defense. Each page had a wealth of valuable data.

10. Indian companies, mostly from Bangalore, participated in this show. Some were from New Delhi.

11. Software Companies such as Aster Teleservices (P) Ltd., Sri Amulia 3rd Floor Manor, Mahesh Nagar, Hyderabad-1., Autotech Systems (P) Limited, 27, 24th Saraki Lake, 5th phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078., BACHAL Software Limited, HAL Estate, Airport lane, Bangalore – 560 017., CADES Digitech (P) Limited, anchorage, 100 Richmond Road 100, Bangalore – 560 025., Com Avia Systems Technologies Private Limited., 47 Gangamma Road Road, Jalahalli Post Office, Bangalore – 560 013., Connect Electronics Private Limited, 1878. New Tipasandra Main Road, Bangalore – 560 075., Datta Templates (I) Private Limited, New 19, Old No. 16, Aza Gowder Road, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033., Datason (B) Private Limited, 1006, Com Narayana Reddy Plex, BEML Main Road, New Tippasandra, Bangalore – 560 075., 4B Sundaram Integrated Digital Systems 46P Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata – 700 016., Quest, 55 Quest Towers, Whitefield Main Road, 04 Mahadeva8 ., Satyam Limited Computer Services, SDC Division No. 45,46,47 E-City, Phase II, KIADB Industrial Area, Bangalore – 560 100., Samtel, 52 Community Center, New Friends Coway, New Delhi., Shogi Communications Limited, 803 8th Floor Ansal Bhavan, 16 KG Marg, New Delhi – 110 001., Sigma Electro Systems, M-83 MIDC, Ambad Nashik-10., Sipla interplant systems Limited, 3 Gangadhara Chetty Road, Bangalore – 560 042., Silver Software, Plot-23 & 24 EPIP, 1st fa and KIADB, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560 066., SLN Technologies Private Limited, 889 4th Cross, 7th Main Stage HAL II, Indinagar, Bangalore – 560 008., Speak Systems Limited, B-49 Electronic Complex, Kushayguda, Hyderabad – 500 062., Umac Avionics Private Limited, 143 Umac House, 18th Main HAL Stage 2, Bangalore – 560 008., United Telecoms Limited, 18A / 19 Doddanekundi Industrial Area, Mahadevapura Post Office, Bangalore – 560 048, etc. . , had beautiful pavilions in this grand show to reveal their invaluable contribution to Indian Aviation, Aerospace and Information Technology. As Bangalore is embraced by popular software institutes, many software technocrats have combined and created these companies to serve the DRU, Air Force, Navy, Air Force, Rockets, Weapons, UAV, Helicopters and Bharat Electronics.

12. Alpha Design Technologies (P) Limited, Bangalore develops simulation command, requirements for managing ground, ship, air systems. They also manufacture night vision devices, simulators, radars, communications systems and other Indian defense needs.

13. Amphenol Interconnect India Private Limited, 105 Bhosari Industrial Area, Bhosari Pune manufacturers and sells many varieties of connectors, cable harnesses and antenna products. They serve military and aerospace, automotive and medical, electronics, wireless infrastructure and mobile phones. They are leading dealers in India's defense sector.

14. Apollo Private Limited's computing labs specialize in embedded computing, digital communications, defense and aerospace. In Agni II, LCA they offered their services.

15. Hyderabad-based Aster Teleservices Private Limited has provided Yoman services to Indian defense units for data collection and control, smart cards, LC Launcher link, Fiber Optic Technology, PCI timer, Unimux, handheld cable tester and more.

16. Airdel (India) Limited, with the technical assistance of UK aviation, has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Kanpur, Pune and Bangalore. They manufacture and supply speed and other components to the aerospace and commercial industries.

17. Lubricants supplied by Avi-Oil India Private Limited are the only approved military center. Airworthiness and Certification, Ministry of Defense. This company is registered with the General Directorate of Air Quality Assurance as a suitable manufacturer of aviation products. It cooperates with NYCO SA France. Indian Oil Corporation, Balmer Lowry has teamed up to create this unique oil for the defense of India and civil aviation.

18. BACHAL Software Limited has a loan to develop real-time simulators, development and testing of Avionics software for critical and critical safety systems used for flight control, flight prevention, transmission, weapons use, fuel management and more. They offer their services to DRDO, HAL, ADA laboratories, the Indian Armed Forces, in addition to serving Thales, Rolls Royce, SAGEM, ECE, British Airways and more.

19. Bijal Petroleum Equipment Corporation, having its office at 5/210 Ashirwad Industrial Estate, Ram Mandir Road, Gargeon (w), Mumbai – 400 104, provides aviation ground support and equipment for handling and testing aircraft, refueling helicopters for Defense of India.

20. Some kiosks featured exquisite items, handicrafts made by Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Limited, Cauvery, Karnataka, state art and Emporium crafts to entertain visitors and get aesthetically pleasing. Many women visitors from both India and abroad have been very tempted by the beauty of every product sold there.

21. Sari is a traditional dress worn by Indian women. So, in Aero-Indian – 2005, there was a kiosk for a silk sari sari to distract. Many thousands of well-designed sari were on sale, and the women-VIPs had a good time there. Karnataka Soaps & Detergents (P) Limited also introduced its soaps which have a pleasant aroma.

22. Chandra International, Mumbai is engaged in export and import, switch trade and represents international companies such as ESL Defense, UK, Douglas SPD, UK, Goodrich, USA and Orbit ACS.

23. ComAvia Systems Technologies (P) Ltd. Bangalore provides services in the fields of Avionics integration for Indian high flying aircraft programs for LCA, Jaguar, MiG27 and more. They also create Integration test rigs and other test solutions consisting of data acquisition and modeling over MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC429, Analog, Digital, Serial and other interfaces.

24. Data Templates (I) Private Limited, Chennai has developed aeronautical, naval, land and space applications such as mission computer and aircraft displays, on-board computer and rocket fire control systems. radar subsystems, ATEs for aircraft, land-based spacecraft and vehicles.

25. For DRDO, Department of Aerospace, System Buildings and Aerospace, Datasol (B) Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore is a very good service in designing, developing and integrating state-of-the-art modular products in avionics, cockpit display and more. It is an ISO 9001-2000 company.

26. DRDO employs 5,000 scientists, 25,000 other scientific and technical and support staff, and 54 laboratories. Contact persons: Dr.D.Banerjee, Telephone 91-011-23016640, Brig Umang Kapoor, Director, Telephone: 91-011-2301-3209, BC Srikanta Deputy Chairman of DRDO.

27. Dynamic technology, Bangalore deals with ailerons, flaps for ITT-36 simulators; wing and rear fuselage for Lakshia, high performance UAVs; Control surfaces for Su-30 mki fighters such as vertical fins, stabilizers, canary, vent fins and rails, ground equipment for military jet support, servos for helicopter control; Transmission products and electro-hydraulic braking systems for combat tanks. Manufacturing and Assembly of Lakshi Flying Structures, Indian Unmanned Aerial Target Aircraft, Hall 155-36. Dynamatic Aerospace will collaborate with HAL to develop Airframe designs for the 30 mk Dry Fighter aircraft.

28. Enpro Secan India Ltd., New Delhi launches steam cycle cooling system for armored combat vehicles, liquid cooling systems for radars, antennas, etc., ACIDC wave guides, brush and brushless motors, motor motors for rods, radars, rockets, missiles etc. ., Blower fans axial centrifugal battle tanks, XIBC weapons and more. Heat transfer systems for aircraft, battle tanks and the like. They serve HAL, ADA, ECIL, BEL, DRDO, IAF, Indian Army, BDL, Air India, Thales. , Airbus, Eurocopter, MTU, Embracer, LUCAS, Air France, Lufthansa, etc,

29. Silver oxide batteries, nickel, cadmium batteries for Indian warplanes, helicopters, torpedoes and rockets are supplied by High Energy Batteries Ltd. (Tamil Nadu). Contact: S.Arunachalam, V.Balasubramaniam, Fax: 91-4339250516, 91-431-2414455.

30. Terra Vista's 3D Terrain Generation 9.8 product range is for sale in Kolkata's integrated digital systems. These 3D databases are used in war games, situation analysis, flight simulation, training, etc.,

31. It was interesting to note that JS Precisions, Bangalore is formed under the scheme of women entrepreneurs. Contact person is Ms. Gianti, fax: 91-080-26637921, telephone: 91-080-266372707. They supply sheet metal, machined and non-metallic components for aircraft and aircraft engines. Clutches, gaskets, fasteners, lock washers and the products it supplies to IAF, DRDO, marine aviation and HAL. They produce over 800 accurate critical / non-critical components.

32. Kumaran Industries, Bangalore manufactures jet engine parts for the aerospace and aeronautical industries using CNC technology. The development of precision aircraft parts and air engines for LCA, ADA, ALH, 14 passenger aircraft, SARAS (NAL), ADE, Navy and Air Force aircraft is their invaluable contribution to the Indian Air Force. They have also received recognition from foreign companies such as Magellan's uTGU technology. Contact person – Mr Mohan, Director, Telephone: 91-80-23409113, Fax 91-80-23381498. Mr. M. Parthasarati is the Technical Director.

33. Maini Precision Products (P) Ltd., Bangalore serves Honeywell USA, Moog Aerospace UK, WA, Goodrich, USA, Sneema Motors, France and the like, manufacturing machined components. Contact: Shaikendra Pratap Singh, Fax: + 91-80-51272500, 91-80-51272400.

34. The Ministry of Defense of India has licensed Max Aerospace Aviation, Mumbai, for the supply and installation of the Avionics aviation system, drones, aircraft, aerospace systems, helicopters and weapons. This company is proud to say that they have been approved by DGCA, HAL, DGAQA and CHEMILAC and it is registered with the IAF. Navy and Indian Coast Guard. Works on their maintenance are also approved by NAVAC. ADF, VDR and CUR. Work in the cockpit of tools, lighting, gyroscopes and frame components has been quality and refined. Contact person: Bharat Malkani, Phone: 91-22-26135545, Fax: 91-22-26162613.

35. The trade industry, the Indian Army, the Maritime Coast Guard and the IAF prefer to use specialized survival tents for helicopter crews, inflatable lifeguards, life jackets, etc., manufactured by Meridian Inflatables Private Limited, Mumbai. He has 25 years of experience and is ISO 9001 certified. Contact: Major Arun Fatak (Recovery) Phone: 91-22-28570369, Fax 91-22-28572927.

36. MIDHANI, Hyderabad, which has developed 75 alloys through the tremendous efforts of their research team.