Bilingual Activities for Children During Hispanic Heritage Month


Parents across the country often do not even know the meaning or reason standing in the national Hispanic Heritage month. He celebrated 39 years since September 17, 2007. On this day the law was passed in 1968, which set aside a week to honor Hispanic citizens. Later, the 100th of the & # 39 entrance took public law increased the celebration period to 31 days. This year, the Moon National Hispanic Heritage runs from 15 September 2007 to 15 October.

Initiative of the Moon National Hispanic Heritage – this recognition more than 44.3 million Americans of Hispanic origin, which is more than 15% of our population. 31 day observation marks Independence Day for many Latin American countries, including El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras which celebrate September 15 as Independence Day. On September 16, Mexico's Independence Day, September 18 in Chile, 21 September in Belize and El Dia de La Raza (Columbus Day) – 12 October.

Spanish language & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of family life, and 32.2 million seven & # 39; ads speak Spanish at home. We believe that Texas leads the country with 29% of residents who speak Spanish at home. Now twenty-two states reported that their biggest minority – Hispanic: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming.

Why is it important to know and pass on to their children? Because the truth, we live in a very global society and our responsibility as parents and educators is grateful and understanding of environmental & # 39; language and culture in the lives of our young children.

Moon National Hispanic Heritage – a great opportunity to introduce children to the language and the culture that surrounds them every day in their homes, pre-schools, kindergartens and primary school facilities. Research shows that children who learn a second language, even before they have mastered their own language, with a & # 39 are the best readers, and it puts them on the path of success in their studies.

To the Moon National Hispanic Heritage there are many events that will bring a message of understanding, unity and commonality as all ethnic groups raise their voices in song and fun. Read on to find four that focus on food, fitness, language and arts and crafts.

Foods with a & # 39 is a neodymium & # 39; emnay part of life in Latin America. Cooking – it is a social time in seven Latin American & # 39; holes, and adhering to recipes specific to Latin America, to revive the Spanish for your child. Continuing fitness classes, allow you and your child to get up and go to a bilingual song about not eight, not twelve, and about twenty body parts in Spanish and English!

Counting and language learning combine to make this a favorite activity for parents, teachers and seven & # 39; ads homes. Children create their own bilingual book with the numbers, singing a song popular bilingual children about counting. Occupation immediately transforms your home into the classroom. Children learn about maracas, an instrument from our Hispanic friends. During the event, where the children make their own maracas and celebrate birthdays with a bilingual version of the song "Birthday".

Repetition and entertainment – keys to learning. If you add a little bit of rhythm and a lot of movement, then learning becomes magical for our young children.


Santa Fe – 'The City Different'


Santa Fe is well known as & # 39; City Different & # 39; because it offers a lot of wonderful and beautiful attractions for its guests with a variety of recreational activities, delicious dishes of world-class and colorful festivals. At this place has everything to please you and have fun. This is one of the busiest cities in the US, so it is selected as the best place to live and work. The living image of the city is provided camera Santa Fe Plaza with well laid-lined streets and beautiful Santa Fe horizons.
City of Santa Fe with the & # 39 is one of the oldest cities in the US. It is the capital of New Mexico. According to the 2000 census, the population of 62203, making it the fourth largest in the state. The city has county status of the status of Santa Fe.
jetblue reservations
Santa Fe exhibits a rich history that is returned to the previous years 1050 to 1150 the area was originally populated by Indian villages Puebla. This area was investigated Vaykes Francisco de Coronado and established its settlement in 1515. In 1598 the very first Spanish colony was established in the northern part of New Mexico. During Spanish rule, the city became a center of missionary work and exploration.
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Always remained some conflicts between Native Americans and Spanish settlers. Sometimes conflicts gained brutal nature, in one case, in 1680 several Spanish settlers were killed and those who survived fled to El Paso del Norte. Taking this opportunity, the Indians established their settlements that occupy several well-known and important buildings.
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The most famous and beautiful sights of the city that attract tourists from around the world – a national monument tent Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, Yakalopa Santa Fe area, Georgia Keefe Museum, Church of St. Francis, etc. never allow its guests to get bored in the city.
In the world there are many attractions that demonstrate fascinating and distinctive characters. National Monument Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, tent, one of these areas, which, of course, takes you into another world. This is a wonderful place is located a little over a magnificent valley floor. Meaning of words Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument mean & # 39; white cliffs & # 39; and it comes from Keresana language.
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If the purchase – that’s what makes you feel the hot water & # 39; crazy and excited, then Jacklope not miss the place for you. Jacklope – one of the main attractions for tourists visiting the city all year round as it offers out of this world shopping experience.
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Plaza Santa Fe – another must to visit the city. You can guess the significance of this site is that it captured a National Historic Landmark designation. This area includes central park that is ideally decorated with properly stacked trees, benches and well trimmed grass. The best time to view the area during festivals, especially at Christmas time. At this time, the entire Plaza streets and buildings light up and farolitami lyuminaryyay. This area is also carried out several activities, such as the children’s New Year party, festival of arts and crafts and much more.
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You Can Defend Yourself With Good Writing


The senator is right! I have the confidence to approach people in high places, but most of all to defend his writings, etc. primarily involved. In this regard, VA Medical Center has a wrong and a crime on their side, and I am right on their side, and this is another reason why it is easy to be sure. In this issue involved and the second senator from New Mexico Senator Bingaman and US Representative Heather Wilson (District 1).

During this long trial, which lasted for three years, I've talked to people in high places, such as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Inspector General VA .; Governor of the State of New Mexico; Director of the Medical Center VA.; a local judge, etc.

And it all starts with confidence in your writing skills, your relationships / skills, etc. But you have to pay the price in time and / or money, and for that, and another, etc. Time goes by … we all tend to forget about what they have learned in school. For me it all started with an invitation in the early 1990s!

I was invited to join the writers of the South-West, the then president of Eileen Stentan, sold more than 5,000 of his articles, some of the best newspapers and magazines in the country, and she also has written a book, etc. More than 700 members across the country, SW Writers has some of the most talented writers and progress in the country! Needless to say … I was flattered by the invitation!

I was interested in the writers' years, so I decided to take a few courses of letters to improve their writing skills. Thus, in the 40 years I have completed the following; Course digests writers; Course of the National Writers' Club; Course of creative writing at the University of New Mexico, who teaches Eileen Stentan. To top it all, it took about 18 months and cost about two hundred dollars at a time. Thus, if the reader wants to get better at something … (including writing), you have to pay the contributions!

I remember doing homework at work, during lunch. Once staff officer came up to me and looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing, and he asked: "Did not you study all this in high school?" I told him so, but he wanted to learn it all over again, because I was interested in writing for the future. He just laughed and walked away. (Guess which one of the last laugh?) Completion of these writing courses – one of the best things I ever did for myself.

I do not think a year has passed, I did not have to fight with someone for what is right … and protect ourselves … the telephone company for the last 10-12 years; cable company; Medical Center; Automobile Club; Bank and so on! And protect yourself begins with a beautifully folded sheets of one or two pages. But nicely folded sheet also does not come easily.

When I finished writing courses, one of my instructors told me that I was too "talk" with his writing … too "wordy" and I had to cut a word out of my letters. Well … the ex-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu me … because I'm a troublemaker! I'm so-oooooooooooooo sorry for what I troublemaker!

What happened, my instructor on writing, he took one of my paragraphs and rewrite it in your own words … said the same thing … and I cut off about a third of words, etc. WOW! She called it "vigilant." Now I could see what she was saying!

It is so important, because if you come to people in high places … you can not and should not waste your time! You must be compressed down to business … … and tell me what you're going to say in fewer words, etc. You must eliminate all the stupidity! Since I am in the last two years, as many have written, I felt better, "write", and I usually can cut a few hundred words of his articles and still give them to understand, etc. But it requires a lot of practice.

When I bought my first computer in 2001, he was granted during the year included with MSN (Microsoft Network). I did not like MSN, so it has expired, and it was … or so I thought! Get it … 18 months after it ended, I received a letter from Microsoft, where I was told that I do not perform manual TOS (terms of service), and I get paid for $ 48.00! WHAT?

Well … well … well … I now have to do what I have done so many times in the past, and it was to make a letter to the Department of the Attorney General (Consumer Protection prediction) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We will find out whether Microsoft wants something to get rid of me! I sent a copy of the letter to Microsoft in Arizona, where it originated. Two weeks later I received a reply from Microsoft, and it was pleasing to the letter, which informed me that I was given a credit for $ 48.00, and that I do not pay it, etc. Isn & # 39; t that nice from Microsoft? It's probably all of them have become billionaires in the first place … $ 48.00 here … and $ 48.00 by all lovers of the country … and PRESTO … you & # 39; again a billionaire!

The other issue that concerns the local cable company, I automatically pay the cable company and the phone from his checking account. About a year everything was fine, and then all broke. I got a nasty letter from the cable company, which told me that I owe them $ 75.00 and that the cable is disconnected … and it was! WHAT? How could this happen? Bills paid automatically.

It's time to write another letter to the Prosecutor General, and my writing begins with five or six pages … a real mess … and everything should be changed to a page or two, look civilized, etc. I sent a copy of the cable company, and two weeks after the disconnection of the cable was a knock at the front door.

It was the cable, and he told me that he had received a letter from his head, which he gave me credit in the amount of 75.00 dollars that I do not have to pay. He was there to turn the cable for free. The letter was an apology for perablytanne and credit. During the previous weeks, the cable company was so rude to me, but I let the guy again, including cable TV, and next week I'm back black box cable company and closed the account!

And finally, the worst letter I have ever seen – one of my sisters, who sent me, while I was in the camp in aviation. This letter was ugly … filled with the missing words and grammatical problems! I really do not know how she graduated from high school, etc. If I wrote badly, I could never defend themselves and write to people in high places, such as the people in the Congress, and so, I would be too ashamed of my writing!


Mexico Beach Holidays – Excursions to Remember


The Yucatan Peninsula is the Caribbean, Mexico, where there are some modern resorts offering an unforgettable beach holiday in Mexico. Vacationers want to lie in the sun, feel the sun kissed beaches, dive in fresh water, wandering through the ruins of a lost civilization. These holidays can bring people back to the busy schedule. In resort areas have a unique magic and myths of Mexico, experience truly luxurious and modern, all bless calming waters and winds of the Caribbean.

Cancun, L-shaped island connected to the mainland by a sofa, fourteen miles long. Beaches put hotels that look like very luxury. Cancun offers restaurants with exotic dishes, dose of entertainment from reggae, jazz clubs, discos and folklore kabaretav, world-class shopping, and sports such as golf, water sports, tennis and Mexican bullfighting. These perfect beach holiday in Mexico doing a comprehensive vacation. With the amazing nightlife and sunny beach days, they & # 39 are the perfect retreat for travelers.

Now nine miles from the mainland is Konzumel, and can be reached by ferry. This limestone island area of ​​181 km blessed beautiful beaches, palm forests, relics of the Mayan empire, which date back to 1000 BC Natural parks and reserves are also among the main attractions for visitors. Coast located opposite it on the Riviera Maya, which is a long interval minute fishing villages. There are small and hidden resorts that are well sought by nature, who love to tourists. There are also modern resorts that with & # 39 is the perfect place to explore this beautiful ancient land.

With beach holidays in Mexico, holiday visitors can think of to make the flight to the beach and dive into the sun. Other major places to visit – it is an island of women, Isla Conte, Chichen Itza, Tulum and Hakare. Quiet atmosphere, flawless beaches of the Caribbean, coral reefs, exquisite pleasure of diving, coastal waters with pavtrapichnay fish farm turtles, marine biological station, a sanctuary for birds, eco-archaeological park and Mayan caves. Even this much is not enough to define the beauty of this place.


Forming a Business Enterprise – The Legal FAQs


With regard to opening a new business, you must take some key decisions regarding the structure of the organization, financing, management and operation, and more. The most important aspect that we usually ignore, – is to ensure activities of the enterprises legal norms and resolutions. Basic homework that a business owner has to focus, before thinking about the creation of the organization.

Believe it or not, without seeking counsel and free legal resources or documents your knowledge will not be complete. Here the technical specifications relating to the law on the business of New Mexico, at the primary level rules are the same, if for a particular US state.

Here we can make a short meeting, which will hold the basic functions of business law with gratitude the help of Business Attorney of New Mexico. Finding answers to these questions will allow you to make an intelligent decision.

You need a license or a permit to open your account?

It depends on your type of business. Some transactions require special permits or licenses. Such as professional services such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants and commercial professions, such as alcohol manufacturers, producers of firearms.

Do you need a tax identification number for your business?

For example, most companies do it, submitting to the IRS, to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This identification of companies and their workforce. Those who can not afford EIN, must have at least a social security number.

How to register in the Internet business?

This is mainly the domain name registration, ie selecting the address of your site. You need to find a domain name that spurred to your business, and ensure that it is already registered or not. Ask for referrals of good corporate directory.

Do you think the individual entrepreneurship beneficial for your business?

With the help of individual business you will be able to avoid any special legal structures in their business and enjoy the exclusive right to make business decisions. Since there are no corporate taxes, the application fee or negligible legal fees associated with it, an inexpensive process.

Or if you feel limited partnership a good option?

Again, it all depends. The advantage lies in the fact that – each partner is personally liable for his negligence or employee under his supervision. But the rule is not respected when performing debts.

How to create a corporation?

There are a few simple steps:

1. First of all, select the name of your company. Make sure that you have made public the rules, and words or phrases used in your company name, do not lend themselves to the requirements of state law. Visit the website of your state's Secretary.

2. Start training and provide the necessary documentation to the State Secretary in the State of registration. Pay the filing fee.

3. Select the Board of Directors, directors, officers for the formation of corporate governance. Business Attorney will guide you in this.

4. The owners of stocks issue, establish bank accounts, the accounting system, collect the license, permission from local authorities; choose a business insurance, purchase of office equipment, hire employees.

With all these strategies, you can continuously run their business.


What Is Community Infrastructure District ("CID")?


Prerequisites of CID – Since the development of real estate in Idaho continues to grow, the impact caused by such expansion requires the construction of public infrastructure required to meet this growth. In 2008, the legislature of Idaho State Legislature enacted the Idaho community infrastructure district (the "Act"). The purpose of the law was to create a new financing mechanism of public improvements for both government agencies and developers. The law, drawn up by a similar law in New Mexico and Florida, considered the critical issue of how to pay for new public burdening cost-effectively. The law allows the release and pay the bonds together with a mechanism that assesses the tax or land, which uses new public improvements. This implies a much needed development of the society, which would otherwise be impossible due to the significant costs associated with heavy loads on public needs. Currently, the area of ​​community infrastructure ( "CII") is permitted in that part of the city or in the county where part of the comprehensive city planning and city receives consent to the formation of IPP. Law allows to issue bonds with a total obligation bonds special evaluation or income bonds or any combination thereof. Predicted annual assessment of taxes and revenue stream provides repayment of bonds.

Available for improving public finance ICI

  • improve water
  • improved sanitation
  • Flood control projects
  • road traffic
  • Public parking structure
  • Landscaping and lakes
  • Lighting and motion control
  • parks
  • recreational facilities
  • Public Safety Services
  • Finance costs
  • property Interests
  • Commission on the impact on development

Reliable CID must be installed with the following common objectives:

Financial goals estate developer to be achieved, if reasonably possible, as their project and its clients will cover the cost of borrowing to finance the CID, as long as it does not represent an excess of credit risk;

Real Estate Customer should use an experienced consultant who will help them to understand all the options available when passing CID procedures;

For larger development projects, the financing of the ISI should be structured so as to provide several bond issues in different periods of time and the advancement should be used to minimize the financial obligations due to unforeseen or underdeveloped property; Specific characteristics or limitations of the project should be understood in such a way that the relevant risks associated with the development of the project and its ability to repay the debt, was understandable. Examples of a & # 39 are environmental constraints, infrastructure limitations and restrictions on private funding;

Legal and engineering side of the building and / or acquisition of improvements should be understood, when using bond financing, which is not taxed. More precisely, specific instructions and procedures related to construction, should be registered, if the real estate developer is building public improvements and requires compensation for CID revenue bonds;

Estimated annual costs and maximum annual cost of financing the CID, which bear all the owners, who are involved in the process of development must be fully understood and adequately disclosed; and

Estimated value of the project must be properly implemented in accordance with the practices and evaluation anketyngu bonds because CID-bonds ultimately provides project value. Evaluation procedures should be clearly identified with the CID bond lending standpoint. For example, if the bonds are issued by atsenanay values, which suggests that the project is not confirmed lots without guarantees efficiency at the valuation date, the appraiser inflated value for the ratio of the price-collateral.

For more information about the correct setting, refer to IDN


The Shocking Art of Robert Williams


At first glance, the violent and sarcastic universe created by one of the big puanerav independent art and American art in general, Robert Williams, can excite, fined or aversion to the audience, but if you study more closely, you can learn about the deeper sense.


Williams, who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 2, 1943, grew up in a rather capricious environment because his father and mother were married four times, and so he has repeatedly bounced between his father, who lived in Montgomery, Alabama, and the mother's home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Therefore, his only real companion was art, he drew and painted from a very early age.

If Robert Williams was twelve, the future brilliant artist with a low brow collapsed in the ninth grade twice and was thrown out of the public school system for habitual truancy and committing offenses against the rules of behavior. His only real interest – to become an artist, and as long as he aggressively pursued this aspiration, the first time he was involved in gang activity, which led to the arrests of the public n & # 39; yanstva and joined the fight. Williams says: "In Albukeku was not present bohemian society, so I followed him for a people of this style, which hung from the college, drug addicts, etc. I'm obviously going to get into big trouble if I stayed in Alburkeku… I tried to get an art education. "


As in Albuquerque had little chance, he went to Los Angeles in 1963. He was attracted to the film industry and to mysticism hot rods in Los Angeles. Williams says: "You know that my interest belonged to the car & # 39; sphere in arts and associate themselves with this sura & # 39; oznay karma, which I read many years in automotive magazines."

He became editor of the newspaper cartoonist for LACC "Kalegiyat" and lost himself in the theory and techniques of art. He also tried to assert themselves at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts The Chouinard Art Institute, but was refused because of his insistence on mastering the technical virtuosity and pictorial representation, so recognizable in his later artwork Low Brow, when they focused on abstract expressionism, the focus on unrecognizable imagery.

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth

Then, after several fruitless attempts, the director of the unemployment bureau offered him a job that would give his life completely. This work was in "vyradtsy" under the name of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Williams knew his name and reputation, and then said: "They told me that a freak, who led them was a guy by the name of Big Daddy, and I said," Wait, this is Ed Roth? "They said that it was, and I said," Let me. I was born for this job. "

In the studio, Ed Rothesay machines created in free style, and he did it faster, more efficiently and in unsurpassed style. This Robert Williams got the inspiration and most of the ideas for its fine arts. In his garage studio Roth kept open house, resulting in a colorful group of people often visited him. Williams says: "Every day there is something strange in the morning, the band recorded Sam Sham and Pharaoh, and after a few minutes behind them will be Sonny Barger and several angels.".

Williams work consisted of creating monthly advertising, graphic design work, working on complex projects with hot (eg, The Rat Fink and Peace Fink), and sometimes he also participated in a periodic journal Chopper Roth. If a financial reward from Rota Revell Models on the verge of loyalty Hell's Angel, he quietly sold its entire inventory and shut the studio door. Most of his exhibition of cars, original art and graphic designs were sold to James Brucker Jr. who has also acquired many important paintings by Robert Williams low eyebrows.

Low brow art

With the support of Brooker, Williams was able to work on his paintings for a longer time. In his works he has already shown at the time that not only mastered the quirky touch-up technology and its predecessors zashklonastsi Renaissance and Flamandyi, and theoretically justified the nuances of the modernists.

In 1974, he experienced a complete shift paradygmatychnuyu if violated a general 'rule' traditional painting canonizations, which dictate that the dark bezel, which covers all forms of animation, always avoids. In his vision exaggerated form in the cartoons were the most truthful and clear examples of abstraction, comparable to the origins of art found in Paleolithic cave.


Pulque in Mexico: Synthesis of Medicinal and Mythical Properties


Since the days of daispanamovnay era in Mexico, and to this day there are several species of agave, which are used to extract aguamielya (honey water). After this sweet liquid, which resembles a coconut milk, derived from the heart of the lush and thus is exposed to bacteria and yeast in the environment, it ferments and becomes viscous. Zabroddeny aguamiel known as "pulque". For hundreds of years, and most likely thousands of years, medicinal properties have been attributed great, thanks to the myths that have been passed generations of indigenous peoples, as well as from research recently (not without contraindications with respect to the latter). As might be expected, the literature does not always match as the actual foundation and assumptions. Nevertheless, a secular synthesis summary is for lighting.

Pulque for several hundred years was associated with an elixir for the masses, a mild alcoholic drug with healing powers. Captured natural / organic and to a lesser extent the slow food movement, he was promoted to hipness. Millennium middle and upper class, who live in the major urban centers of Mexico, such as Monterrey, Puebla, Guadalajara and of course, Mexico, flock to pulkeryas. However, most of what is served – is a false form of dowels, known as the Curado. Basis slurry, sometimes even canned, combined with a selection of processed fruits, grains and / or vegetables, sugar or other sweeteners, and sometimes milk / cream and / or a thickener such as cornstarch. These Curado could not be further from the real deal, and probably to the time when they come to the table, any useful attributes, medicinal or other, has long been lost due to the commercial circulation. However, in the bars and restaurants in the city that are next to the rural areas, where it produces aguamiel (ie, Oaxaca, from the fields outside the town of Sant & # 39; Matatlan Yaga), it is nothing like 100%. The closer proximity kantatyny or komedora to the field from which it was collected aguamiel, the greater the likelihood that the silk was not mutilated, and that it has maintained its positive properties.

A wide variety of climate, which is grown species of agave, which suggests that the resulting attribute scales must inevitably vary significantly at times. And every kind of plant itself has a unique series of compounds, minerals, vitamins, etc., which are transformed in a different way. This depends on the subregion of Mexico, and then from the common bacteria and yeasts less in the environment. Types of agave used for extraction aguamielya that were noted in the literature include salmine, US, desserts, mapisagu, atraviren, feraks and hackers. various roots are commonly used, including acacia (in parts of Oaxaca state as a template) to make a dwelling more, hot, intoxicating or shypshay. It also speeds up the fermentation process, especially in the colder months. These additions further modify the properties of the volcano.

Name of pulque, probably comes from the Nahuatl word poliuhqui, which means spoiled. During daispanamovnay era in many regions of the country, it was a drink intended for priests, warriors and wise. It was used as part of the solemn celebration of harvest, to bring rain that fell, as a way of honoring certain gods, and during ceremonies such as marriage, birth and death. A variety of rules about how to conduct them, there are many myths about its origins. But nationwide thread that binds, is its medicinal value. This should be a surprise that the population, which saw a lot of people do not usually insured by the cholera epidemic of the 19th century.

Pulk has been developed across the country as a healthy beverage, dietary supplement. In Mexico, the areas where lack of safe drinking water due to contamination of humans and animals, it is used as quenching thirst. But its components, including iron, carotene, thiamine, folate, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid, protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, a biologically active compound, phosphorus and ash are likely to lead to overwhelming therapeutic role in traditional medicine and nutrition as a preventive product.

Ask any sadachykera (the one who knocks from agave to gain aguamiel) in Sant & # 39; Yaga Matatlane, and he (or she, since, at least in the state of Oaxaca, which produces a husk, a & # 39 is a vocation, and not only reserved for men), will tell you that shalval on 100% natural, as the only fertilizer that has to stimulate the growth of agave – it Abano from cows, sheep and goats, and mulch, which is used – it Bagaziy (waste fiber with mescal distillation); and it attributes include stimulating production of white blood cells, the use of triglycerides, as well as control of diabetes, especially if you eat it in the morning well before breakfast.

Intercultural literature based on research from all over Mexico, giving a much wider story. Pulque was used:
• in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, including ulcers and kidney infections
• as an aid to reduce the overall weakness in the body
• the fight against loss of appetite and anorexia
• as a diuretic
• to improve relaxation before bedtime
• as a means of development of the fetus
• stimulation of the production of milk in nursing mothers
• as a means to initiate breastfeeding when you touch the newborn's lips
• For children, based on its ability to help build muscle and bone.

Despite the fact that the intended use of small liquid to boost fertility and improve sexual functioning has no factual basis (except perhaps to the extent that the consumption of alcohol can have a positive effect on the libido in some), most of the above really has been confirmed scientific research.

While yeasts from the environment play a role in the production of hex breast cancer, in particular, contributing to its penistastsi, in the literature often refers to the bacteria of the genus Zymomonas mobilis as a major stimulant which turns aguamiel in the scales (and to a lesser extent bacteria of the genus). Lueconostoc). C. mobilis is widely found in plants that are rich in sugar, it is extremely effective in producing ethanol.

Several studies have demonstrated the in vitro stimulation of growth of the different Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria probiotics plus strains. This helps in the development of important minerals. Phytase is present and possibly very important. It is a digestive enzyme. Some believe that it can bind and raise corn biyaaktyvnasts iron and zinc due metabalizatsyi. Phytase – a bacterium that is found in the intestines of cattle and sheep, but not usually found in humans, although there is the presence of its data in vegans and vegetarians. Phytase splits into fitynavuyu acid. This is due to the reduction of DNA, recycling klaryn-vestykulav, neyrotransmisii and control of cell proliferation. While in the field of animal nutrition studies have suggested that the use of feed additives fitazay as an aid in the production of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, carbohydrates and proteins, the consequences for the person still remains unknown and requires further study.

Studying in the context of research how and why indigenous population used repeatedly for hundreds of years, we get a better understanding of the true accuracy and veracity regarding the myths and beliefs regarding the therapeutic properties of fermentation.

Scientific research confirms that consumption of 850 ml aguamielya satisfies the daily needs of the person in iron and zinc. As an alternative source prebiotykav syrups FOS (fruktooligosakartsyd) it improves calcium absorption in postmenopausal women and iron absorbs a greater extent. Consumption has been proposed for the prevention of colon cancer. It is known that in the form of silky contains steroidal saponins, which have been studied for their medical use, including antispasmodic activity and toxicity to cancer cells. They have been described as important bioactive compounds in yamsah, and there were several biological actions, for example, anti-cancer.

Melatonin content in the soft state helps to relax in preparation for sleep. Prabiotychny potential of lactic acid bacteria isolated from both aguamielya and with pulque, provides a low cholesterol dairy milk source for those who can not tolerate lactose. Perhaps it is the food with the highest dose and a variety of potential prabiotychnyh microorganisms. A study in the Valle de Soli, Mexico State, has shown that the consumption of soft products has led to a lower risk of insufficient hemoglobin for pregnant women.

But as well as the potential health benefits from the consumption pulhi was difficult to assess and confirm the reasons, some of which have been noted in this article, so there are some contraindications. We know that alcohol can have harmful effects on pregnant women and their offspring, even with the value of 6%. But this should be attributed to consumption in areas where food is generally bad habits or lack of access to a variety of vitamins and minerals through food. In the literature, actually it is shown that drinking in small amounts helps fetal development and increases milk production in lactating (mother helps absorb calcium).

In fact, in Pulque it has a small shelf life due to the ambient temperature and constant contact with the yeast in the environment. The longer it is stored, the faster it kisnet. However, if this is in fact not suitable for use in areas such as Mexico, like Oaxaca, it is used as a basis for the production of refreshing drink, known as tepach. Typically tepach made from vinegar-like taste, pineapple and sugar cane derivative known as pilontsyla or panel. Whether to keep the drink some positive attributes nuance.

For some, one more question – is the lack of sanitation-related aguamielem and pulque. This may be obvious, if someone has the opportunity to participate in getting aguamielya agave and / or having used the lane to the village market. In my view, the use of both drinks during the last quarter of a century, it's no problem. Commercial preparations for the sale of small banks – a possible solution. Chemicals are added to the fermentation stops. But it is expected that the benefits of consumption of earrings have long been lost since the introduction of canned puck anywhere in the country or in the US states where you can buy such as California, Arizona and New Mexico.

Further study with & # 39; there is reasonable and necessary in order to better understand the true benefits of small. But so far, based on documented risks associated with its consumption, it is assumed that pavedamlyaemyya positive attributes should be sufficient to make the reader from time to time to absorb the small of & # 39; the volume in this matter aguamiel, when the region of Mexico where it is collected from the fresh agave.


Book Review – Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the Southwest by Deborah Wall


"Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 trips in the southwest" Deborah Wall with & # 39 is an invaluable guide to resources for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels of activity.

Wall – a recognized expert in this area, which takes the popular column of the campaigns and other activities with & # 39; is the author and creator of many tourist sites and publications. First published in 2010, "Base Camp Las Vegas" quickly became the bible for tourists interested in traveling on the ground. "Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 march to the Southwest" – updated and expanded edition of this book. Guide focuses on the trails located in the 4-tenured region Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California, in particular landscape, easily accessible from the area of ​​Las Vegas.

My husband on the "newcomers" tourists, with several tracks under the belt in Colorado and New Mexico, so I'd like to pick up this book and expand all that suggested Wall in this wonderful book. The book begins with a section entitled Before you get to the next and provides practical advice on the preparation of high-profile to walk. Details, from what should wear, items that can be carried around in the daytime pachtsy opinions about the weather & # 39; and and water consumption, to the advice of the campaigns with children and what to do in case of meeting with certain wild animals – such as with rattlesnakes!

From there, the author dives right in certain areas and trails. After finishing each hike at least once, Wall passes its first-hand knowledge, providing detailed information about each campaign, including the best season for a visit, the duration and complexity of the hike, elevation data, specific warnings and directions. This is vitally important information, because knowledge ahead of time allows the proper planning and tourists largely benefit from the experience of the author studied. I especially liked to read about the historical significance of many areas, including the claim to fame, and how each region gets its name.

In addition to the abundance of information contained in these pages, and it does a magic book. The advanced photographer, Wall also includes a page by page, which affects every area of ​​photography. Views that jump off the page, it is enough to get you to take the equipment and & # 39; to go – immediately! The really high-quality products in every aspect, there is much in this guide, you need to love. After reading it once, I'll try to get back to the many pages that I did in the tabs, so that I could explore and plan your next trip. I'll have to wait for my husband to finish reading it – he grabbed her as soon as I put it down!

I highly recommend the "Las Vegas Base Camp: 101 march to the Southwest" by Deborah Wally anyone interested in hiking, camping, or just learn more about the area.


This Winter's Psychic Astrology for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs


Excerpt from Barack Obama's prediction of the future "psychic astrology for 2011 ":

It is the pioneer years of President Obama: on the agenda – a lot of experimentation, exploration – things that are not realized immediately. There is a new role for government, and many trials of these roles. President Obama continues to upset people, they still do not see what he does and where he goes. "

Mental and spiritual guidance messages December 21, 2010 to March 20, 2011

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) this winter: If all goes badly, you know that the darkness before dawn (actually, the darkness may be a short-term period immediately after the Winter Solstice – you have to cheer just after New Year). 39; you back the wind, the sails you have installed, it's better than you think – just do it – you do what you do – go ahead, and you can help.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) this winter: Watermarks are trying to finish the job, to get out of the things that stressed them. The end of winter brings resolution and completeness. This is a strong finish.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): for this winter: You, for whatever reason, slow down speed, and then get an official victory, you were expecting. Success is most likely in May. There is a huge difference between the beginning and the end of the year.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) this winter. Earth signs are going through a lot of changes in 2011, so the forecast is calculated for the winter. They live "it is necessary to have received", season after season. Earth signs, of course, busy organizing their material world events and planning stability. There are opportunities to provide a basis or a new business venture. (And if it is necessary to carry out plans for the future stability.) Taurus gets a special opportunity.