A Review of the Schleich Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

Pentaceratops from Schleich

One of the lesser-known horned dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous of North America Pentatseratopy ( P. sternbergi) It was opened by famous collector of fossil 20th century scientist K. Sternberg. Unusually named Charles Mortram Sternberg recognizes work on fossil vertebrates in their native United States and in Canada, particularly in Alberta Dinosaur Provincial Park. Honor awarded by the American paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn, tasked to name and describe this Chasmosaurinae member. Always nice to see a new type of horned dinosaur that turned into a prehistoric copy of the animals, and pyatsinavushnik Schleich – an excellent figure.

New Mexico herbivorous plant 70 million years ago

Known in some skeletons, including several complete or partial skulls Pentatseratops was amazing dinosaur. He had two huge horns above the eyes and a small nose horn thrust. On the back of his head ran high, but disproportionately narrow, bony head and neck. The name means "five horns face," but this is misleading, since the Pentecostals did not have five horns, they had three in the same configuration as its better known cousin trytseratops. The name comes from an extra pair of large yugalavskih processes, sticking on the cheeks of a dinosaur. This is not the horns, as such, but these bony processes would be very visible when viewed from the front of a dinosaur. Schleich model accurately reflects the shield of the head and neck. Design team of the German manufacturer is obviously taken care to reproduce its model based on the known fossil material.

Bright color – red member of dinosaurs

Work with the paint on the dinosaurs excellent. Pentatseratop was painted colorful red, almost crimson color with spots on the back and the sides painted in bronze color. This is certainly bright and attractive model that will appeal to fans of dinosaurs and collector models. Honestly-horned dinosaur, similar to the first, is not very well disguised, but with such meters long horns eyebrow, only the brave or very hungry Tyrannosaurus decided to fight it.

The exact model of the dinosaur

The correct number of digits can be seen on the front and rear legs, and the skin texture was extremely well reflected. Replica set one raised on the land front foot, an interesting pose, which distinguishes it from most other replica arnityshskih dinosaur models.

A giant six-meter

Reaching lengths of more than twenty feet (six meters) pentaceratops was a large herbivore. Adult adult can weigh as much as three tons. With a three-meter skull it was combined with similar Torosaurus latus and Triceratops horridus for the title of the largest terrestrial vertebrates. Always nice to see a new type of dinosaur that is played as the dinosaurs, this new dinosaur replica from Schleich recommended collector, and we are confident that it will be very popular among children, who love prehistoric animals.

William A. Keleher's Masterpieces

William A. Keleher was a multifaceted person uniquely. While other great people focused on one area of ​​expertise, Keleher begged to disperse. Yes, that's exactly what he in fact was a lawyer, and, of course, worked perfectly in the industry. However, he did not want to constrain its potential only one field. Instead, he chose to be versatile, something that many of us can not be in all life. In addition, he was a successful lawyer, William A. Keleher was also information operator, historian and most importantly – an effective writer. Skill in writing Kelehara was first discovered when he was appointed as a reporter for the newspaper in 1908, the authorities of the local papers, which were duly impressed with his skill. His writing skills were more developed, he continued to write articles such as "Alberkekerski Evening Herald" and "Albuquerque." No one was surprised when he held the post of city editor in those newspapers.

Despite a decent writer's experience, brilliance Kelehera go unnoticed until July 5, 1929 in Amory, Texas, World Bar of New Mexico in Amory, Texas, went unnoticed. The theme of the history of Mexico. I wonder what he said about Maxwell Grant as the title of the first in the history books. "Grant Maxell Land" was published in 1942 and was revised after twenty-two years (1964).

Violence in Lincoln County: 1869-1881 – perhaps one of the most intriguing books written by William A. Keleheram. As a skilled artist, he described the scenario of the 1870s smoothly. According to the book, ostensibly country Linkalnskay war in the 1870s was the result of partisan politics and business disputes. On the issue of land acquisition has occurred great fight corrupt merkantylistav and cattle kings. Well-known cattle barons like Chisum, Turnstall and McSween, formed a faction to counter the alliance merkantylistav and small rancharav led by Dolan and Murphy Riley. Political action Santa Fe to prevent additional violence and turmoil with the help of law enforcement agencies.

Thus infringing stole cattle and threatened power. If so it was not bad enough – killings began. Said Billy Little stirred up all this, and only in death (1881), L. Wallace (then Governor, better known as the author of "Ben Hural") announced the world in the territory. Although superseded by the latest research, Kelehara conclusions are still considered valuable. In his play, he often referred to the leading stories and contemporary news. Keleher book on this subject has reports of at first hand, and sufficient information, which makes it mandatory reading for people interested in the opening of this period in Western history. The book was written in 1957.

"Memoirs", another book Kelehara, was published in 1969. It was reissued a few years later under a different name. Basically were biographical information about Kelehery and events he had witnessed.

Fairytale limit (1945), shock in New Mexico, 1846-1868 (1952) – known to some of his other books. Keleher also demonstrated their expertise in numerous short works and speeches. For all the country, he regularly played for the group. Topics included in the discourse were mainly historical subjects and patriotism, identical to his full-length work. Short works, however, include longer essays and newspaper articles, which mainly relate to the history of New Mexico.

The last book of William Kelehera published in 1969 is quite surprising to know that he was able to keep their regular hours at the law firm (Keleher & McLeod), despite claims to write these books. It is necessary to discuss how he managed to keep a balance between two very different but equally demanding responsibility objectives, as it was not only a successful lawyer, but also a well-known writer of books.

William A. Keleher – is clear evidence that a person can successfully jump into different areas, if has the diversity and talent. His contribution as an author is undeniable. It is no exaggeration to say that he will live on in people's minds as an outstanding writer who created amazing masterpieces.

Five Texas Souvenirs That Everyone Will Love

Every time we travel, we try to do everything possible to keep records of everything we did and saw during our entire trip. We are prone to this: do a lot of photos and souvenirs gain, and nothing can come close to the souvenir in Texas.

It sounds like a bold statement, considering that there are forty-nine other states that can stand out as well as the entire globe, standing in lines, souvenirs which are quite spectacular. But for some reason in the memorial house of the trip to Texas has an aura about them simply because they are from the Lone Star State.

Someone may feel that a souvenir from Texas may be too on the nose (think like rattles, armadillos, cacti and horseshoes). And again, this is the case, is not it? In any case, it all sounds great, until you realize that 1) you have to return these things back home in one piece; and 2) either you, or someone should be able to find a place in your home for your new gift. Given that most of us do not live in the countryside farms, surrounded by muddy terrain, it may be more complicated than you realize.

However, there are many other gifts that come from Texas to help dispel the notion that Texas – is a land of cowboys and rough trails. In fact, in Texas, there are many amazing things that can offer the traveler who wants to explode home.

Here are five Texas gifts that are sure to like:

stetson – Of course, it's a bit posh, but good cowboy hat in Texas, good quality, keep the power on for many years.

Seasoning and barbecue accessories – For Texas barbecue begins and ends in Texas. While other parts of the country have their own style and honest next, nothing compares with Texas barbecue. In your life, taking a few bits and pieces of spices for BBQ fan, you can understand what they are doing bad barbecue.

hot sauce – Although it may be directly influenced by Mexican cuisine, hot sauce is actually a & # 39 is a big business in Texas. Some manufacturers have a big push to make the most of hot sauce on the market. The idea is that through the Texan can take suras & # 39; serious heat.

Texas wine – Wine production in Texas – is nothing new, and in the last year of their production has earned great respect throughout the world.

Texas olive oil – In addition to the excellent quality of its wine vineyards for many years the production of olive oil in Texas is booming and where more attention is paid to local, quality produce, olive oil from Texas set to take the assault of the culinary world. .

Texas souvenirs can be almost everything that is happening to this great state. Remember that instead of souvenir trinkets, living in a spare boxes in your home, you can really make a holiday someone bright, thinking a little outside the box.

Are You Interested In Knowing More About Monterey California?

Author: JD Conway

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738524239

The following interview & # 39; nd held: NORM GOLDMAN: Bookpleasures.com Editor

Today, Norm Goldman, Bookpleasures.com editor, has the honor to take as our guest Jim (JD) Conway, author of Monterey: Presidio, Pueblo and Port ( "Making of America Series"). Jim genealaga besides historian and coordinator of the museum of the city of Monterrey.

Hello, Jim, and thank you for agreeing to participate in our interview & # 39; S.


Jim, can you tell us about the personal and professional lives. What are your responsibilities City Museum Coordinator Monterrey?


Thanks Norma for your interest in my book. As coordinator of the Museum of the city of Monterrey, I am responsible for museums, which belong to the city, as well as cultural events.

We have 4 museum premises:

*** Colton Hall: it was launched in 1847 and completed in 1849. It was the site of the Constitutional Convention in 1849, it was there that California became a state

*** The Presidium of the Museum of Monterrey. It is located in the heart of Lower Prezidyo Park, which is 26 acres of one of the historic lands throughout California. The museum traces the military heritage of the city through the Spanish, Mexican and American periods.

*** In Cannery Row we have 3 "job houses", which explain the conditions of life for migrant workers who have helped make Monterey the Sardinian capital of the world.

*** Across the street from the boulders is Pacific Biological Laboratory. There are home, office and laboratory Edward Flanders Ryketsa that Steynbek immortalized Doc. The city also has an extensive art collection that I watch.

I was born in Hope, Arkansas, grew up in southern New Mexico and went to college at the University of New Mexico Highlands in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where he studied history and political science.

I like to say that after four years of study, I then spent another four years in the Marine Corps, where he received his education and, including a tour in B & # 39; etnam. After the Marine Corps, I worked for many years the head of logistics and warehouse. In fact, it is this business brought me to Monterey County, where I worked in the sugar company Spreckels. It was almost time. We lived in the company of the city with the generations of employees who have worked at the company. It was a calm impression, and when I went back to school to graduate in 1997, the thesis was Spreckels topic, and these were the first fifty years in the Salinas Valley. Working in Sugar Company, I was interested in family history, back in college, in the classroom for genealogy, and it fueled my passion for history.

After receiving a master's degree in the history of San Jose, I went to work in the city of Monterrey as an employee of the museum and researcher. Over the next 6 years, my responsibilities have expanded to include all the museums and cultural art events. But at heart I am a historian. I am married and have two adult children and two grandchildren.


How did you become interested in the history of Monterrey and what made you write Monterrey: Prezidyo, Pueblo and Port?


When I first came to work in the city, my boss asked me to investigate the history of Monterrey in 1849 between the end of the constitutional & # 39; Congress and the 1880 opening of the hotel Del Monte. I found that the historians of this period was very launched. Much of the information that they had been based on the widespread idea that Monterey was passed by during the gold rush, and, according to one historian of California, "this Mexican village with no ambition." The more I researched, the more realized that the necessary update history Monterrey. New evidence, research and new interpretation of the converted Monterrey and this story needs to be told.


What are the important historical attractions worth a visit, or visit Monterei and why are they important?


In Montereya a diverse past, that the choice of reference becomes a personal advantage.

*** If they are interested in the native inhabitants or the Spanish and Mexican periods, location for the old town.

*** The path of history offers visitors the opportunity to visit all the historic buildings and estates, which are part of the historic district.

*** On the way it is the Cathedral of San Carlos, one of the oldest European building in California, which is used today. I think it is necessary.

*** I may be biased, but the Lower Prezidyo Historical Park was the site of his village 2,000 years before the arrival of the Spaniards. This is also the place where the Look landed in 1602 and where his father and Captain Serra de Portola met to establish Monterei June 3, 1770. In the park – the only place in California, which was conducted overland and naval battle, and the site of the first American fort in California, and possibly the entire West Coast. And it just takes until 1846, and after the US government much more. I admitted that some of the most stunning views of the bay go out of the park?

*** If any interest is linked to the history of literature that promotes Shteynbek, they will not want to miss the canning line. I like to challenge the visitors when they are on Cannery Row factory, and seek to distinguish between fictional stories from real events and places that make up the canning and fishing business. In Monterey there are museums and art galleries, which can save the younger to the older man.


When is the best time to visit Monterey and why?


Another difficult question. If the weather is good & # 39; f you are looking for, I would suggest the fall. However, in the summer months (the problem is not cool) more festivals and events going on. But if you want to skip a lot of the crowd December to April, the best of times.


The history of Monterrey is different from other neighboring areas, such as Carmel, Pacific, Salinas, etc.?


They all start with "Monterrey", and then untied, to come up with their own identity. Salina & # 39; history is connected with agriculture, which makes it a little different than the peninsula surrounding Monterey. We can not say that the only Salinas story & # 39 is agriculture, but this is the cornerstone of its existence. Pacific Grove has come earlier than Carmel. It began as a retreat of the Methodist Church in 1870 and has retained identity as a seaside settlement of a rather hard and the atmosphere of his native city. Carmel-y-by-Sea was a colony of artists that became known California artist after the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. He developed a bohemian flare, which spread along the coast to the Great Qur'an. One of the best things about Monterey and the surrounding community – is the truth of cultures and the unique role they have developed to make this area more than just a one-dimensional space.


As historians have established and interpreted the history of Monterrey and if you believe in what their perception is true?


I love this question. Without going into a complete historiography of Monterrey, I would say that earlier interpretations were too romanticized and often repeated without investigation. They where often one-dimensional, only look at one aspect of the subject, ignoring the other elements that helped to complete a more diverse picture.

A good example -. Between 1850 and 1880, when most historians claims that Monterey has been in decline, with no ambitions of civil and economic base. It just was not sure. So, in Monterrey had economic differences, but each city in California was suffering from the same problems. If you look at the Chinese sought at this time on the site, Monterrey was better than most.

Too often in the history of Monterrey, we ignored the contribution of different cultures. The study of history has changed significantly over the past 30-40 years. In our interpretation we no longer look at the culture, gender and class, that gives a more complete history. I suspect that in 30 or 40 years, another historian can criticize my work on the basis of new sources and methods that have been developed.


In your book you mention that Monterey culturally has a relationship with his native heritage, but this connection is secondary to the Euro-American past. Why do you believe in it and how it shows today?


Native residents of Monterrey, known as rsmc, did not have a written language, much of what we know about them – that is what missionaries recorded, and several oral stories that have been passed on for generations. In order to survive, since ancient times married with the Spanish and Californians, and they wrote the story, often ignoring their own native inheritance. We know that the descendants of those first settlers still live in the area, and it is the connection that Monterey has a native heritage.


What is the origin of "Seventeen miles," and you could briefly describe this tourist attraction?


In 1880, Charles Crocker opened the Del Monte Hotel. They dubbed him as "the most elegant seaside facility in the world." Presidents, royal representatives, business leaders and celebrities came from all over the world to enjoy the hotel and all of its benefits. One of its attractions was riding on the ride or horseback riding through the forest Del Monte and along the picturesque coastline of the peninsula. The initial 25-mile trail started at the hotel and ran a hunting lodge on the pebble beach. Today the hotel is Naval Graduate School, and in the bed – the bed on the pebble beach.


I understand that in the beginning of October in Monterrey will take History Fest. What is it?


Association of History and Art Monterey, California, historic park and the city of Monterey, with & # 39 are part of the MPR for promotion sponsors stories Monterrey History Fest. It is a means of promoting the various layers and the various aspects of the past Montereya. In the history of Monterey has exhibits and programs that educate and illuminate the visitors as well as locals. For this holiday joined by other organizations, such as military bases, the League of historic gardens and cultural groups.


What is the historical significance of a number of canning?


After the turn of the century (20th century) Monterrey experienced growth in the 3 regions. First, tourism has been connected to the hotel Del Monte. Secondly, it was the return of the army in the military reserve of Monterey, which is now known as the presidency of Monterrey, and thirdly, the expansion of the fishing and canning industry. After the First World War, the demand for canned sardines helped create an entire industry that is based on the idea to take the fish out of sea customers. Not only were canneries, but also byproducts were turned into fertilizer, chicken feed, fish oil and other needs.

As the smell associated with the provision of premises, was so strong, canneries have been moved away from the city and the hotel Del Monte along the waterfront in the American Prospect.

It is with this industrial, blue collar, Shteynbek found his inspiration for Tortilla flats, Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday and East Eden. Thus, the value of a double today. Firstly, this is the place for fourteen canneries, which accounted for a number. And secondly, it is literary history associated with John Shteynbekam.


In his conclusion to the book you show that today Monterey is located at the crossroads of how he would solve the issues of development, water restrictions, traffic congestion and the cost of living. Could you shortly to finalize?


The problems that you stated above, common to all communities on the Monterey Peninsula. For information on how these problems can be solved at the local level, will be the next important chapter in the history of "Monterrey". For the city of Monterrey, each of the problems can fully change the views of Monterey will be considered in the future. What type of development will be allowed, how will we manage our limited water supply, how the young seven & # 39; and will allow himself a house, where even the smallest cottage fee of $ 800,000, as we answer these questions will be our story.


There is something else that you would like to add that we have not covered, and what will happen about the Jim Conway?


I think that we are bombarded with a large amount of land. I hope that I was able to meet with the past Monterrey and create some interest in its future. This is an exciting place for a historian, and I am looking forward to share it with those who are discovering their heritage.

Next to Jim Conway – a book about the California Constitutional Convention, which was held at Colton Hall. Surprisingly, that is not done nothing else for this important event, especially if you put it in context with what was happening across the United States at the time. But do not expect in the near future, because I have to do in this city. And this load by itself addictive.

Thanks again Jim

To read normal viewing of the book, click on the bookpleasures.com

Route 66 Adventure Handbook

"Put your kicks on Route 66" has become a popular song from the 40s, which sang Nat King Cole, who helped celebrate this long stretch of road – Route 66 -. Now you can get your own beats from 66, if you take a guide with the Route 66 adventure, as this will result in many hidden and not so hidden gems along this road.

Route 66 was one of the first highways in the United States, and the conclusion arrived at in 1926 is flying from Chicago to California and travels through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona on the way to Santa Monica, California. In 1950, after the signing of the bill by President Eisenhower, in which it was created "Interstate Highway System" and many of the major "supermagistralyav" Many people believe that the famous road was completely dead. But while these new lines have challenged the rule of Route 66, and, as the author of the "Manual on Route 66", for a while it seemed that the famous road goes into oblivion, fortunately, the travelers finally recognized the unique qualities of this famous route, and now he is enjoying resurgence.

Now in its fifth edition from Adventure Adventure The manual is divided into sections on the states that are in the south-west from Illinois to California. Each section includes a variety of attractions, it is much more than I've seen in other travelers. And many of these attractions – a spot that overlooked the other books, the places that are about the same unique as the ranch "the Cadillac", where the car is the "art" shows the partially buried a real Cadillac, "… which is said to be located under the same angle as the side of the Great Pyramids of Egypt "(p. 290) in addition, each chapter also includes a section" far field ", where you can find places of interest, close to the famous route.

Route 66 Adventure Handbook is written in an easy to read / follow-style layout and easy-to-eye, making this book ideal for the collection and treatment over and over again. To visit road trip on its pages there is a lot that you begin to look for the book long before it begins your journey. My top pick from a variety of attractions in this book should be "Big Brutus" – a giant, and I mean GIANT! ( "Second largest built") – shovel food in West minerals staff KS. The photograph shows Brutus parked next to a car that gives you a good idea of ​​how big Brutus. And I have to mention all the pictures, because in this book are many of them – almost each said point of interest is accompanied by a good, clear photos. To make it easier to find, under each photo posted GPS-attraction. If you are planning a trip to explore the route 66, be it a quick run off on the section of road or adventure, enjoy the full route, more than 2,000 miles, be sure to take a guide "Adventure Route 66". this famous road you do not miss a single attraction.

Quill says John Shteynbek called Route 66 "Mother dear" in the "Grapes of Wrath" and for good reason. Now with the manual route Adventure Adventure you can explore this fantastic asphalt site and enjoy all the unique jewels which he has to offer, precious stones, which can miss and others that do not use directory. Take a book, jump in the car and start running!

The Spotted Bat Or the Euderma Maculatum

recognition: Spotted bat is probably one of the rarest bats in the United States, but it has some differences that distinguish it from other bats. He has a very big ears, pinkish color and three white spots on the back. One at the bottom of each ear and one on the rump. Body 4 about ¼ to ½ inch to 4 wingspan of approximately 14 inches. This bat weighs 7 / 10th oz. This appeal echolocation bats can be heard by ear without assistance.

range: Maculata Evdermy lives from British Columbia to Durango, Mexico. Another section of the western United States with a rare & # 39; ads in Wyoming and Montana. It is interesting that the first spotted the bat, which had to be found in Montana, appeared in the open window in a private residence Billings. This bat is mainly found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, southern Colorado and southern Utah.

Living area: Spotted bat lives in a variety of areas, including desert shrubs, coniferous forests, the low deserts, pools, forests of juniper, pine trees, pine or Douglas fir. It is believed that they will Var & # 39; iravatstsa from sea level to about 7,500 feet, though these bats nothing is confirmed. They will jump into the cliffs, lined with rocks and in very remote areas of the country. It can easily crawl on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Habits with food: Like most bats in the United States, it is insectivorous and primarily feeds on moths and beetles. It would seem like most bats, they do not compete among themselves for food or territory. They will have from 15 to 45 feet above the ground or above the water. One of the few bats, which is capable of echolocation, is in the lower range, and so we can hear them as the clicks.

the problem; Nothing really has not affected these bats, how dangerous it is to them until recently. Due to the remote places they do not affect human, except for some small areas, and this is because more people are involved in rock climbing. As far as we know, it is still quite rare, and only in a few areas.

William Aloysius Keleher Legal Career

William Aloysius Keleher (1886-1972) became interested in law, observing the developments in the courthouse in Bernalillo. In September 1913 he enrolled in law school at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. After nearly two years (mid-1915) He holds a Bachelor of Laws and a few months later was admitted to the State of New Mexico.

After graduating, William Keleher continued legal car & # 39; career and relentlessly engaged in it. In the end, he created a law firm that would become one of the oldest and most prestigious law firm in New Mexico. In 1929 he was joined by A. Howell McLeod and together they became the most famous lawyers in New Mexico. Sons William (William B. Keleher and Thomas F. Keleher) chose to go down the same path, which practiced law in the family firm. Their descendant, Michael, also continued the family tradition, promoting the growth of Keleher and McLeod. Today, the practice of law Keleher & McLeod reflects the same dedication and enthusiasm, no doubt. Although the Corporation Keleher & McLeod. not associated with the family & # 39; it, William B. Keleher and Thomas F. Keleher with & # 39 are proud of the company's shareholders. It is located in Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keleher & McLeod service promises to fulfill the destiny of the company led the establishment of a very long time ago. Its roots are really deep in the country, and over time it has grown into one of the most famous practitioners of public commercial and civil law. However, it does not allow all the glory to take on the head; rather, Keleher & McLeod remains true to that same inheritance, addiction and expertise that has made it a great success for almost a hundred years ago.

It is common knowledge that in the end the most important service. Lawyers and staff of this company strive to provide legal services of high quality to meet the requirements of valued customers, and they do it quickly, but effectively. Lawyers are always responsive and available for any updates on legal issues & # 39; status.

With over thirty dedicated and skilled staff, the company promises delivery. All of them are qualified and have extensive experience in the field of law. Even if one person is working with a lawyer, he perceives the experience of the whole company. Lawyers in the firm can depend uniquely.

"Keleher & McLeod" – simply has no equal. Founded in 1915, it boasts one of the oldest firms in the state. A large chunk of companies & # 39; employee comes from the Law School YUNM that not only honest, but also virtuous with more experience. In addition, they regularly take the lead in local and national professional about the & # 39; unification. The firm, whose attorneys work in many community and charitable organizations, also has a great sense of community. Simply put, Keleher & McLeod lawyers with his extensive experience can be trusted to solve legal problems. Over the past few decades, Keleher & McLeod represented many prestigious companies and high-profile individuals. Among them, Wells Fargo & Co. and subsidiaries, Texaco Inc, the education Albuquerque Public Schools Board, Corporation, Qwest Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Heller Financial.

Practice firm registration of legal security departments – "Trust and property." Keleher & McLeod covers the scope of practice, the administration, antitrust, bankruptcy, business, children, the Constitution, disability, benefits for employees, environment, government, conservative, Insurance, Labor and Employment, merger, partnership, product liability, real estate, taxation, Trusts and Estates, Wills and many others.

William Aloysius Keleher was a man of vision. In his famous book "Memories", he mentioned that he felt that perhaps fate directs it toward the courtroom. It was a major moment when he decided to devote his life to the improvement of legislation in New Mexico. As a result of his vision and dedication the company Keleher & McLeod has been created, which, even after almost a century of creation, constantly thriving to meet the requirements of valued customers, providing high-quality legal services.

The Life of Mammogram Inventor Stafford L Warren

Stafard L. Warren was one of the most significant authors of Radiology in life. He not only was the first physician who performed mammography, but also by means of conversion UCLA in one of the most prestigious medical universities in the country, was a special assistant to President John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B Johnson for mental disorders, and has assisted the United States government in testing nuclear weapons before talking about the dangers of nuclear attacks as a result of weapons testing, which at that time were controversial. Ultimately, however, his opinion will be considered, which will lead to agreement on a partial nuclear test ban in 1963.

Born in New Mexico in 1896, Stafford L. Warren studied at the University of California at Berkeley and graduated Bachelor of Arts degree in 1918. In 1922 he graduated from the University of California at San Francisco, who has completed his medical degree. and then I did doctoral work at Johns Hopkins Medical School and Harvard University.

Warren became an assistant professor of medicine at the University Rochesterskay School of Medicine in 1926. Since the Department of Radiology at the time was quite new, Warren was one of the original groups of health professionals, which Dean George Whipple chose for the school staff. By 1930, Warren was an assistant professor of medicine. He began to study the works of Albert Solomon, a sociologist from the University of Berlin, which has created more than 3,000 images mastectomy specimens and widely studied many forms and stages of cancer in the breast. Because Solomon did not want to recognize the rescue aspects of his discoveries, Warren expanded their research using radiology, to track changes in the breast tissue and has developed a stereoscopic technique, in which the patient is lying on his side with his hand raised while the X-ray. This was a great breakthrough for the detection of breast cancer as it possible to diagnose breast cancer without surgery. After this, Warren published the "X-ray examination of mammary glands" in 1930. Today Warren coined as the inventor of mammography for breast imaging technology. Every year mammograms are responsible for millions of cases of diagnosis of breast cancer, which effectively saves the lives of women around the world.

Warren, overcoming a major milestone in his car & # 39; EASURES and developing a new life-saving equipment, continued the new project: the health surveillance and the safety of thousands of people during the Manhattan Project. His new role meant the responsibility for the safety of the detonation of nuclear test in Traetsi in Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945. Later he was involved in radiological safety when led a group of surveyors in Japan and in the Bikini Atoll in 1946, which were made more nuclear tests. Warren was responsible for the assessment of radioactive contamination of the environment and the atmosphere in which it was awful.

In response to this in the work for LIFE magazine in 1947, he wrote: "The development of the atomic bomb has presented the world many formidable scientific, moral, and political problems, almost all of them remain unsolved." He continued to write in-depth analysis of action bombs, people and the environment, the time at which lasted consequences bomb, security measures, which are used during the expedition bikini, in which "a month passed before the men could stay. On some ships more than an hour" and "300 security sections were living and working in the contaminated zone to protect about 42,000 other participants in a bikini expedition. Each group that entered the target area, accompanied by a security of watching those who determine how long it can last." After Ver Annya men carefully bathed, and when they Geiger pointed to contamination, they had to swim again. "Sometimes, when a man shot protective gloves in the hot zone to the protecting section had to raise the skin's outer layer of the acid-hand". Clothing and other materials found too contaminated, have been flooded to the ocean surface for a mile, because literally, "there was no other way to keep them away from people."

The article Warren came to the conclusion that nuclear weapons can not be prepared by anyone who is involved, and that "no protection would not be effective. The only defense against the atomic bomb is still outside of science. It is the prevention of nuclear war. "

Warren left the post in 1946, becoming the head of the medical department of the Atomic Energy Commission, which is a & # 39 is a civilian agency that changed the Manhattan Project; later he was awarded the medal "Honored Army Order" and "Legion of Merit" for his contribution to the security of radioactive and nuclear weapons.

In 1947, Warren was again at the helm of a brand new medical university, this time the UCLA, for whom voted for the creation of a medical school in Southern California. He was appointed the first dean of the school. In 1951 he was enrolled the first students, only 28, and there were 15 teachers. By 1955, when the class was finished, there were 43 teachers. UCLA Medical Center was officially opened in 1955, and Warren watched many milestones and achievements, including the addition of dental schools, nursing and public health.

Warren has not only been responsible for the invention of mammography, but also for a number of impressive achievements related to radiological safety and education. His invention and teachings continue to save lives every day, and so it should be the greatest medical innovators of our time.

Plastic Sheeting to Prevent Evaporation on Rivers and Water Storage Sources

World Think Tank draws ideas to prevent evaporation and requires you to intellectual contributions. We need a high-tech solution to the problem of low technology.

We are all aware of the suras & # 39; serious problems of drought in most parts of our country. We also pass halfway in the harshest hot time of year for many states. In New Mexico, there is a very serious & # 39; serious problems and need more technology to save water as a whole. Governor asked the leadership of new ideas and concepts.

In the solar energy has a number of new technologies, which are very valuable. It is called the copper-indium dyzelenid? You say that, come again? Super puper thin solar cells can be fabricated from a thin sheet of about 2-3 microns, the coated copper dyzelenidam. What is it? That's what we thought, but it is a thin material similar to glass. It reaches the percent conversion of up to 18%. Now we have a terrible problem with the evaporation of water from the rivers in the HM and Lala. We can cover them with a thin sheet and on one side to connect it to the letter of the above. You prevent evaporation and to produce electricity.

Now this may seem difficult, but if you study the berry farm, such as strawberries, you can see a giant mechanism rolled sheets, which can distribute plastic sheets with a copper dyselenidu copper utensils. Strawberry farming – a multimillion-dollar business, and one that they have done, brings benefit to mankind.


Thanks to these innovations, 95 strawberries passed a few good years. Good to know that due to difficulties in the market of the strawberry farmers have become more progressive and their needs can now become our income. Now here are a few plastic sheets used. We suggest the use of opaque plastic sheets that algae does not grow under the letters, and while the water is flowing, it should be fine. There are many US companies that produce this plastic covering. And with the help of some strange lining the river flows in New Mexico, where the water from the & # 39 is a big issue, we can avoid too hot water and kill the fish when it gets too low, and we can use the water to a lower level and to protect water by evaporation.

These plastic covers used in the art with an artist using him for five miles, and other large projects using plastic lining. The farmers of strawberries using them for many reasons, the birds will not eat seeds, less pesticides can be used, if the crops are smaller and grow, that & # 39 is a problem in any soft skin fruits, keeps moisture in the ground and use the increase in ultraviolet radiation, this can be found here;


There are many ways to use these coatings for the protection of our water levels in the summer months and droughts. To solve these problems we need your help. World Think Tank needs you.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico – Why is it So Popular?

Riviera Maya coastline stretch on the Yucatan Peninsula, which runs from outside of Cancun in the north to the ancient site of the Maya Tulum in the south, is growing rapidly. Why is this previously quiet area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula has become a magnate for tourists?

The costs and the atmosphere on the Riviera Maya

For visitors from North America Riviera Maya – a covered alternative to Florida. It can also be cheaper to visit than Florida or the Caribbean, such as Barbados and Jamaica.

For visitors from continental Europe or the UK there is an additional attraction of the current favorable exchange rate. This can make the trip to the Riviera Maya a more economical option than visiting Southern Europe over a two-week stay.

Ancient place Riviera Maya

Few tropical destinations can take advantage of exciting ancient monuments in the Mayan Riviera. In the south of Tulum ruins are actually located on the coast, so you can enjoy them on a sun lounger! Other notable sites (all things are possible per day) – Coba, Chichen Itza and Kcell Ha.

Beaches, diving, snorkeling and water sports

Why even begin to describe the beach in the Riviera Maya: Beautiful white sandy beaches with warm ocean water. Warm breeze and your favorite cocktail served at your sun bed – now that I call a holiday! Riviera Maya blessed extremely beautiful Caribbean Sea with all its possibilities for water sports and diving / snorkeling. Cozumel Island – a real magnate for diving enthusiasts, offering deeper water closer to shore than the mainland resorts.

Activities and theme parks

If golf – it's your thing, you are well served, take courses in all the main resorts. For kids try Xel Ha or Xcaret – eco-theme parks, they will love. Shopping fabulous with many transactions, including local crafts. Other possibilities include kayaking, sailing and horse riding.


Range of opportunities for recreation / vacation on the Riviera Maya is amazing. Climate and the Caribbean Sea are wonderful, the people are friendly, and the price is reasonable – what are you waiting for?